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Basic Package Channels

Finding the Best IPTV Subscription does not have to be tough!

We at EezyTV are here to help enjoy the channels that you have always wanted to watch. We bring across a wide range of package options to fit every individual’s needs. Rather than having to run around in the market looking for IPTV packages, you can get it all here at one place! Buy Basic IPTV Package Channels! We understand that every individual has different requirements when it comes to IPTV subscription. Keeping this mind we have options tailor made to fit every person’s requirements. We have the option of both basic and premium packages so you can pick according to your budget size. There is also an option to go for monthly package if you don’t think you want to go for an annual package. There is complete freedom to pick the packages as per your pocket size. Pick the one that’s right for you! So, you can see that we have something to offer for everyone. If you have been running around in circles looking to Buy Basic IPTV Package Channels, then you don’t have to run everywhere else now. we have got it all covered for you! US channels are included in the Premium package only.

ADULT channels are included in the Premium package. They can be removed upon request.

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