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    EezyTV – Best IPTV Provider

    EezyTV – Leading the Way with the Best Service and the Best Support!

    When you talk about the best IPTV providers out there, you might find yourself surrounded with plenty of options. Starting from Tarbooshtv to 8anawat and Vaders IPTV, these are just to name just a few. However, the one name that climbs the ladder and leaves all the others way behind in competition is EezyTV.

    Now, the first question that would have popped up in your mind here would be – what makes EezyTV the best IPTV provider?  Well, there are plenty of reasons behind.

    Let’s have a look at those reasons one by one –

    More number of channels

    One of the first reasons that make EezyTV a standout name in the IPTV market is the fact that it offers almost 30% more channels than any of the competitors. While with others you get a maximum of 3600 channels, EezyTV offers 5000 in the Basic and 7000 in its premium package. No one else in the market comes even close to us because we are professionals and we stand on top of the others.

    Unmatched customer support

    Another reason that stands by the side of EezyTV as an IPTV subscription provider is the fact that we are the number one in terms of customer support. While our competitors are only available Monday to Friday between 10am – 6pm, we, at EezyTV are available for an extended time 7/7 (7am – 6pm), to provide solutions to all your problems. We’re also the only ones to provide provide live chat support on Facebook. Can you think of anything better?

    To top all this, EezyTV has representatives that speaks French and Arabic, especially for the Quebec, French Belgium and Arab community.

    All these reasons, when put together clearly reflect why EezyTV is the best IPTV subscription provider in the market today.

    If you have been everywhere in the market looking for a reliable IPTV service provider, then going with EezyTV can prove to be just a blessing as you can get a lot more than what you would have ever expected. After all, we are the best in the market today!

    So, what are you waiting for? Visit us today to explore more options and see what you have been missing out by running everywhere in the market for an IPTV subscription.