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    Important: How to add WC channels

    Dear customers,
    The Russia World Cup 2018 is here and I am sure you’re impatient to watch your favorite team playing.
    We’ve added a group called World Cup to all both our packages “Basic” and “Premium”.
    If you don’t see the groups mentioned above.Please follow these steps to update your playlist.

    Smart IPTV users

    If you’re using Smart IPTV and you cannot see the group, please follow these steps:

    1. Visit http://siptv.eu/mylist/ from your phone or laptop.
    2. First you’ll need to delete the old playlist. To do so, paste your MAC address, and click DELETE.
    3. Restart your TV and make sure all the channels are gone, if they’re still there, repeat step 2 and restart the TV.
    4. To upload the channels on your TV, visit the same link.
    5. Paste the MAC address, and the playlist URL*. And click UPLOAD.
    6. Restart your TV. The channels should be on. If you don’t see the channels, repeat steps 4 and 5 and restart the TV.

    *if you don’t have your playlist URL, you can request it by answering to this email and adding your full name and date of purchase, or your order number.

    If the steps described above are not clear, you can watch this video.

    Tips if you’re using Smart IPTV on a Samsung/LG TV

    ​When you see the channels list:
    . Use the blue button of your remote to group the channels
    . Use the red button to add a channel to your favorites
    . Use the yellow button to sort the channels out

    Tips if you’re using Smart IPTV on a Amazon Firestick

    ​When you see the channels list:
    . Use the play/pause button to group channels
    . Once you see the list of channels, hold the middle black button till a menu appears, and add to favorite the channel if you’d like to
    . Group the channels and you’ll see the favorite group all the way in the button of the list

    Ottplayer users

    To upload the channels on your Ottplayer account please follow this video.

    Other apps users

    No action is required if you’re using other apps.

    Customer support

    677218704 - WC2018

    You can message us on our Facebook page if you need help with anything.

    Thank you and enjoy the World Cup.